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Getting patients well is important. Getting patients well QUICKLY is more important.

That has been Dr. Peter Levy’s driving philosophy throughout his professional career. In an attempt to achieve this goal in his chiropractic practice he studied and used many soft tissues techniques. Yet he felt he was falling short of his ideal because he was dissatisfied with how long it was taking his patients to get well.

That changed when he met Dr. Gary Glum, the founder of Neuromuscular Reeducation℠ (NMR). Dr. Glum treated him for a damaged shoulder that was preventing him from playing squash. After only three treatments, he was playing competitively again. He had finally found and experienced the power of a solution he could believe in.

Once he took Dr. Glum’s 4-day training seminar and introduced Neuromuscular Reeducation℠ into his practice, he never looked back.

Feel improved or you don’t pay!

That’s the bold promise Dr. Levy made to his patients. It may sound like marketing hype but his belief in this technique was so deep and well-founded that he could offer this with little risk. Fewer than 5% of patients got free treatment.

Starting from scratch in Los Angeles, he went from zero to over $200,000 working only 3 days a week and without advertising. In his Santa Barbara practice, he raised his fee to $100 for a 15-minute treatment with the same “feel improved or you don’t pay!” guarantee. Patients who wanted him to process insurance claims paid $250 for 15 minutes. Paperwork reduced dramatically.

And the patients kept coming…

Word spread like wildfire about his success. Inactive patients returned. New patients kept coming. Highly-competitive professional athletes sought him out because they needed effective and speedy results. He built an entirely referral-based practice with a long waiting list.

Cash flow improved. His practice was transformed – and with it, his life.

Best of all, Dr. Levy regained pleasure in his work because he could finally live out his ideal of getting patients back to normal life quickly.

Carrying this ground-breaking method to other health care professionals

Soon afterwards Dr. Glum wanted to retire from active practice. He was so impressed with Dr. Levy’s dedication to this method and his skill in using it, that he hand-picked him to carry on teaching Neuromuscular Reeducation℠.

For 22 years, Dr. Levy has taught Neuromuscular Reeducation℠ seminars to groups of highly motivated doctors, physical and massage therapists, and team trainers. He was invited to teach NMR across the USA, in Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Germany and England. All their accreditation systems accept this technique.

Now he consults with individual practitioners and their support staff in their clinics. He trains them in the technique and helps them integrate it into the practice. At the same time, he helps them modify their practice management systems to reduce paperwork and overhead.

The beauty of this system is that you can put it to use right away on Monday morning after the seminar. If questions come up Dr. Levy is as close as the other end of the phone or by email.

Approved by Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA.

Dr. Levy is the only approved instructor for Neuromuscular Reeducation℠ for CEUs through Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA.

He lives in Santa Barbara with his three beautiful daughters and yes, those are twins!

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Interview With Dr. Levy

Why Chiropractic and how did you get involved?

About 45 years ago I was selling real estate and working with a medical group, LIGA, going down to Baja and Tesopaco, Mexico to volunteer my time and energy.

In the makeshift clinic were four dental chairs, 2 tables for MDs, 2 eye doctor stations and a room with two chiropractic benches in it. I was assisting in giving novocaine shots and pulling teeth ( and that’s another story ) and what I noticed after the 2nd visit, a month later, was that the patients, who had come from out of the hills and wherever, were showing no appreciation for the dental extractions, they didn’t like getting shots, didn’t care about the 2nd hand glasses…..but they were bringing all kinds of presence and foodstuffs to the two chiropractors at the end of the clinic. They were showing these two chiropractors appreciation and love for their work…. And that both interested me and was the start of my inquiry into chiropractic as a profession.

Who do you think you are making some of these bold statements about what you do?

I don’t think that they are bold at all. I think they are simply the truth. We, as practitioners, might be interested in building a practice for ourselves and our welfare but patients and clients…what is it that they want. Generally it’s a question of pain that compromises and irritates one’s body or a lack of function; an inability to do some of the activities of daily life that people engage in. Patients want to see and feel RESULTS quickly. It doesn’t mean that they haven’t been putting up with their discomfort for a long time…. But it seems they do want results quickly…and that puts some pressure on the practitioner. I always wish they could be educated earlier in their lives and take care of themselves on a preventative basis but that it happens rarely, so we tend to get them at the point where their symptoms interfere with their life and planned activities.

What started you on the path to Neuromuscular Reeducation?

I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles in 1984 and did what almost every other practitioner did for new patients they came in for care.

A history, an exam, a consultation and Report of Findings…and then, if we were convincing, we scheduled them for 3x a week for 8 weeks and an exam. Twice a week for 6 weeks was next with an exam. Possibly 1 time a week for 4 weeks and an exam followed by a recommendation to set up a maintenance schedule. We were taught how to deal with insurance and play the necessary word games to continue covered care. Then we would treat, treat and treat until we ran out of covered care. It didn’t feel satisfactory and was sort of a treatment schedule we were taught to apply to almost everyone.

What brought you to Neuromuscular Reeducation?

Dr. Levy ran a successful practice in Santa Barbara for 11 years until he saw an advertisement for a seminar given by Dr. Gary Glum, D.C., the developer of Neuromuscular Reeducationsm. He took the four-day intensive seminar for $2500.00 and never looked back.

Once he had mastered the technique he sent out a letter to his entire patient base, which said:
“…for those of you who thought I was a good, effective practitioner to start with I have something better. To those of you who felt I was average and didn’t quite handle all of your musculoskeletal problems and for those of you who just didn’t like my work/results I have a challenge/offer: Come in and let’s discuss your problem. We’ll mutually agree on a given number of visits. If, by the end of those visits, you (not me) don’t think you are enough improved to make it worth your while to be coming in…the treatment is free…on me…no charge…zip…nada…nothing.”

What happened next?

Who do you think could refuse an offer/challenge like that? 43 inactive patients responded within 2 weeks. A total of 118 people responded to his letter/challenge over the next 90 days. Only 3 people out of all those people who responded told him the treatment hadn’t made a difference in any way (he says he could have predicted those three with a moment’s thought…and it wouldn’t have mattered if 20 people didn’t pay.) His practice was transformed overnight !!!

The bottom line was that he had a wealth of new patients paying cash (he would give them a “super-bill” for their insurance…but he ran a cash-only practice) and had a confidence that was unshakable based on knowledge, results and satisfied patients. Dr. Levy also developed an entirely new type of clientele; highly-competitive professional athletes, who needed effective and speedy results.

When do you teach other professions if you’re a chiropractor … isn’t that competitive.

It’s because I believe that with 6+ billion people on the planet there is plenty for all of us…. Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Sports Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists and Athletic Trainers. If you put your hands on someone’s body to help relieve a problem you have a legal, moral and ethical obligation to be the best you can be….and it doesn’t matter what your license is.

What is this statement, “Transform your practice & transform your life”?

I think it’s pretty simple. I see practitioners of all disciplines working harder, longer and often making less than they did several years ago.. The economic squeeze is on and, for most, it’s somewhat painful. The truth is that most people are so busy with the busy-ness of business that their lives are subordinated to their practice and that’s just not a lot of fun or satisfaction. Worse than that is seeing the same patient over and over hoping that something will make a difference, sooner rather than later.

Create a successful practice and it will support your life’s dreams. Learn how to get people better faster and make the work last and you have a patient for life.

Are there other competitive soft issue techniques and what makes Neuromuscular Reeducation unique?

There are the inevitable questions about the differences between NMR and ART. Kodak salesmen were told that if they ever said anything bad about the competition they would be fired. Their answer was always something like, “AGFA is a great film, let me show you why we think Kodak is better”

I feel that way about NMR and ART. I’m sure that they and every other seminar has something of value to the profession and that’s clearly a benefit. On the other hand they are very, sometimes prohibitively, expensive for many practitioners as well as 4 days of teaching after which you can become certifies. I simply don’t believe that somebody becomes competent in four days. It is one thing to attend a seminar and another thing to be “clinically competent”.

Ask yourself these questions and, if you would like, call me and let’s talk about all of this.

  • Which seminar has the smallest class size, the highest ratio of teachers to students and the most personalized instruction.
  • Which seminar teaches you the most easily applicable technique for the Monday following the class?
  • Which seminar teaches you more in a shorter time and costs less.
  • Which seminar takes you away from your office for the least amount of time ?
  • Which seminar includes patient management and marketing?
  • Which seminar has the core quality (you might call it nerve) to offer a GUARANTEE?
  • Which seminar has the option of having an instructor come to your office after the seminar for even more personalized one-on-one training with YOUR patients to help you build your practice faster?

ART has 4-5 sessions of 4 days each…average cost of $1800 +/- not to mention the two days of lost income, on Thursday and Friday, when you are out of the office.

ART talks about a total of over 500 protocols…..I don’t know who in their right mind wants or will even learn 100 protocols, never mind 500. I personally don’t think you need that many protocols….if you understand how to do one muscle…you should understand how to do another one….you simply need to know your functional anatomy. Isn’t that our bread and butter?

They talk about their technique…yet many of their graduates say that they learn to find a sore spot, pin it with pressure, and then move a joint from short to long slowly….or quickly They move from sore spot to sore spot…and don’t seem to work origin to insertion or vice versa to really locate and reduce the adhesions.

  • Ease of application on the Monday (and thereafter) following the seminar seems to be in favor of NMR.\
  • The NMR classes are smaller, limited to 20 people, more personalized, and taught by me, no one else.
  • There is an enormous cost differential. In one weekend with NMR you learn what constitute about 75-80% of your soft tissue cases in one weekend. A follow-up certification course is half price. Advanced courses are given 3 -4 times a year in Santa Barbara or other major cities.
  • NMR offers the option of having an instructor come to your office and train you to work on your own patients to help you build your practice faster.
  • You can reach and talk with Dr. Levy personally….try that with another seminar leader and good luck.

NMR is not the answer to everything or for everyone, but it’s a great tool and, well-used, can catapult your practice into an economic stratosphere defined by your personal skill, cash flow and fun.

Is it you or is it the NMR Technique?

Of course it is me when I am the one doing the demonstration or treatment. The body of knowledge however is called functional anatomy and if you know your muscles, their origins, their insertions, their actions, and other synergistic muscles that perform the same action there is absolutely no reason why you can’t duplicate what I do and possibly be even better.

Talk a bit about patient/client management.

It doesn’t really seem to matter what your license is, almost all health care practitioners will tell you the greatest problem they deal with is patient compliance.

Getting patients/client to do what they need to do to continue on a healing cycle can be a major problem. I believe that I have solved that problem with several patient forms and signed agreements.

What is this NMR Seminar Gurantee?

For licensed health professionals: if you can’t generate the cost of the seminar within 2 weeks of the seminar date following our simple and no-cost marketing technique then take the seminar again at no charge.

What’s behind the guarantee is the knowledge of how simple and effective the NMR technique is IF you know your anatomy. If you call me up and say you couldn’t generate the cost of the seminar following my instructions, count on the fact that I will question your knowledge of anatomy…because without that you have nothing.

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